January 16, 2017

Basic Website Launched

Today, we launch our website to inform the public of our intentions and to allow the fans of all of those interested in our website to follow along with the process.



CASTED!  A cast of beautiful people who can actually act who star in this horror thriller movie with a taste of political satire.   There will be additional great opportunities for new people to be discovered in future movies!




8 beautiful college aged people stop at an abandoned place in the middle of the desert on way back from Vegas and people start dying!

Shoot this spring in the middle of the Mojave Desert and it was hot!  It doesn't look as hot as it was on screen! Follow us on social media  as we work together to develop this property.


Pictures (coming Soon)

We appreciate your help and support in promoting what we are doing by sharing our project with your friends, family, and followers!


Thank you for coming to our website to learn more about our production of "And Then There Were None - 2017" - a horror movie with themes current to today designed to give you chills, thrills, and a desire to see more!


2017 will be a great year for production and for movies.  With the continuing evolution of technology used in video and audio equipment, the amount of money needed to create high quality entertainment continues to drop.  As movie going continues to maintain its popularity as a great evening out, the audience for the horror genre continues supporting movies and the distribution side of the business sees this and will continue to make available horror movies for consumption. 

The good news in all of entertainment is no matter how good something is that you experience now, be it a movie, a song, a play, a video, in the next moment you will want to see something else, more or another production.

It is our intention to create a project that will cause an emotional response in our audience and we hope that it is a very entertaining experience.

Please come back as we have more to share with you regarding our production and how you can see or eventually be behind the scenes.


What if you knew you were going to die?

And Then There Were None - 2017

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January 1, 2017

The Idea for horror movie happens!

On way back from Las Vegas, stopped by an abandoned gas station looking to use a bathroom and when I ran around the back, it was sooo creepy an idea for a great movie was born!